February 14, 2024

Neighboring Businesses Reopen and Welcome Back Patrons
Surrounding businesses have reopened and resumed operations following the commencement of demolition of the RISE Doro structure that promptly started on the morning of Friday, February 2. These businesses include Manifest Distillery, Intuition Ale Works, and the offices in the Southmorr building on E Adams Street.
Downtown Jacksonville visitors and employees can once again enjoy the many events, landmarks, and restaurants that the sports and entertainment district have to offer.
The priority of RISE continues to be the safety and success of its neighbors, employees, and the community.


About RISE: A Real Estate Company 

Since 1995, RISE: A Real Estate Company has made a name for itself as an industry leader in multi-family, active living, and student housing development, management, financing, and construction. RISE’s history is abounding with intentional moves that grew RISE into the cultural pioneer of the industry that they are today. RISE’s purpose is to positively impact others, one person at a time. RISE’s commitment to partners and residents alike holds the company to a higher standard. RISE remains steadfast and sincere in its dedication to the values that lifted them to where they are today.